Well, hello there!

I just moved my blog from another site to this, and I couldn’t figure out how to export all of my earlier posts so I’ll just start from scratch here.

I am a girl from Norway who started doing pinup this year (when I come to think about it:-p) when I got selected as one of twelve girls competing in the first Miss Pinup Scandinavia-contest ever. I never really think I’d make it, but I did! And I won the «Peoples choice»-award! That was from an online poll where people could vote for their favorite among the contestants. Happy happy!

I started Pinup Norway (as for now it’s just a Facebook-page) to make a network for all the pinups in Norway. I realized that it more or less don’t excist and thought that is needed! I was so lost when I suddenly was a part of a pinup contest and I had nowhere to turn:-p A place to just talk, ask questions, see where events is at and stuff like that.

Besides from pinup I love roller derby. I’ve been playing it since 2011 and it’s so fun! Great workout and you get to hit other girls and they high-five you for it! On track I’m known as Sprito (in English: Liquor-o)

I also run a classic American car club together with my husband, Bad Boys Cruisers. You can find us on Facebook!=) We have an Edsel Corsair -59 with a GREAT patina and it runs like a dream! That is our summer ride. For winter we drive my car, an Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser -78. I just love driving American cars, they’re big, they’re comfy and they got automatic transmission! Hehe. Such a luxury.

Well, that is a short bio on me. Stay tuned for awesome pictures and posts!

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