Is it weird to love your car?

Like, care about it like its your pet? Worry if there is something wrong or feeling sorry for it? Even though its just a car and its not even luxurious or new.

I can’t help but get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I think about my Fat Doris. I just love the way she sounds and how incredibly comfy she is to drive. And the heat works way better than any modern car I’ve driven!

Even though she is getting old (I still consider ’79 a modern car) and she has some wear I still love her. I love that its a car with history and its build to last forever. If anything goes wrong, just pop the hood and roll up your sleeves. No expensive workshop with mechanics who uses computers to check your car! No plastic lids all over the engine to keep you from touching it and no electronic «brain» that shuts down the whole car for one litte malfunction.

You just can’t beat sliding into a nice couch with room for 3 in front and a trunk big enough to sleep comfortably in the back. And that feeling you get when the ground vibrates when you start your car up – PRICELESS. I will never trade that for a new, modern car with a tiny engine and no personality.


And no, she does not cost thousands in gas, like everyone seems to think. Yes, its a big engine but its a strong one. I can load her up with all kinds of crap but it won’t cost me a dime more in gas because she can handle it. I’ve driven modern cars and thought that they would be economic, but alas. As soon as you also bring your handbag it gets too heavy for the engine AND THEN the car starts drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

I just bought a new set of tires, too. Spanking new with studs so just bring it, winter! Nothing we can’t handle now!

Oh, how I love her. My Fat Doris ❤

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