Social climbing

First time I ever heard the expression «social climber» was last Viva and my first thought was «Really?»

Do people really try to take advantage of others to better their position? Obviously the answer is yes. Thanks to being a nobody, I have never experienced such a person, haha. I just think its not a very good trait to have because if you are that shallow you’re just not a good person. And what do you really gain by social climbing? Besides a bad reputation and no real friends…? A drink? A free meal? Who cares?

I’m not impressed by your social status, even assholes have high social status.

How about you show WHO you are (it will come for a day anyway) and then see what happens. Have your own personality instead of adapting it to the people around you. And try to understand that in the long run, free stuff or sugar daddies won’t get you anywhere. You only have that advantage as long as you’re young, then what?  I suggest you take care of your own business, be a little independent. Want things done? Make it happen! Do what it takes, don’t «be smart» and let others do the dirty work for you.

You’re not doing yourself a favor by using others like it fits you. All you do is burn bridges.

I already know of a couple of girls known as «social climbers». «Attention whore» is a another word for it. Thats not a cool stamp to have. You might think you’ve made it, but really? You got what you wanted right there and then, but now you got to show for it. And that is where these girls fail, I see that it was never about them getting their shot because they have NOTHING to offer. Again, likes does not define you. You can’t claim to «be someone» just because you have lots of likes. From people who don’t know who you are, that never even met you. They don’t know that you are shallow and wouldn’t even consider making them your friends, because they probably don’t have anything to offer you.

To the social climbers out there; yes, people do notice what you’re doing and no, nobody likes you for it.

You probably don’t care but you should. For your own sake. And really, unless you get shitloads of money its not worth it. Like you can’t get your own take out food, or buy your own drinks? Come on. Go big or go home. And if anyone helps you get anywhere, show a little gratitude. Thank them, continue the friendship – I mean, how stupid can you be? If you can’t give ANYTHING back them you messed up and you will never get anything from that person again. And people tend to talk to one another and thats when your very uncharming trait will come for a day. People will (and they do) talk behind your back.

Stop being a narcissist because the world does not revolve around you.


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