How to prevent attacks

If you are like me, a woman, I bet you have felt uncomfortable or threatened more than once in your life. Here are some tips on how to prevent attacks.

A while ago I was watching TV and there was a documentary about rapists and how they worked. I was actually surprised by some of their answers to what they looked for in victims because some of those things I’ve thought was preventing.

First of all, hair; And don’t let this scare you into cutting it off. You just have to be aware of it. Potential victims with ponytails, braids or buns are more likely to get attacked because it makes it easy for the attacker to grab on to something.

Also, clothes is much the same. Clothes that are easy to remove is what they prefer. Again, this should not scare you into not wearing what you want. Its just a good thing to be aware of.

This one surprised me, but I see why its actually an advantage for the attacker; talking on the phone (or surfing/whatever on the phone). I always thought that if you talk with someone on the phone it might scare off a rapist because then someone would know something is going on. On the other hand, how much info can you give when you are fighting for your life? An attacker see a possible victim that is off guard. When you’re talking on your phone you pass less attention to your surroundings. You also can’t fight back when one hand is «busy». This gives the attacker the upper hand.

I remember a girl who «came out» in the media as a rape victim a few years ago. She was raped by a stranger who asked her for directions while she was walking to a friend’s house. All the time she had her friend on the phone but she still got raped. As soon as they came to a park he knocked her to the ground and she lost her phone and the rape was a fact. She couldn’t make herself heard so her friend didn’t realize what was happening.

Walking with your keys in your fist does not scare away an attacker, either. It can be great for defending yourself, but since you need to be pretty close to the attacker in order to do that is not something they shy way from.

If you are out shopping or whatever, don’t get in your car and just sit there to check your phone. This is a great opportunity for an attacker to sneak up on you and get in your car. Lock the doors and drive away. Be on guard if a van is parked by your side of the car, an attacker might wait for a victim to enter her car and drag her into his van.

What you can do is:

Try to put up a fight. Sometimes it can scare away the attacker as they are looking for easy targets.

If you feel like someone is following you, try to make eye contact. It may seem weird, but by doing that you signal to the attacker that you’ve seen his face making it a risk for him.

If you are attacked (especially from behind) try to pinch the attacker under the arm between the elbow and armpit or in the upper inner thigh. If he lets go then you’ll have a chance to get away or to hurt him more.

Always go for the groin!

And don’t be afraid to really hurt the attacker, its either him or you! He is the one doing wrong and you have every right to defend yourself.

Remember that attackers are looking for easy targets so if you seem off guard or insecure you are more likely to get attacked.

Here’s some tips from Wikihow on how to prevent a potential rape:

Last, but not least; remember that is NEVER YOUR FAULT if the worst should happen. NEVER EVER. YOU are the victim and there most likely wasn’t anything you could to to prevent it. Men are stronger than women and if they put their mind to it they can pretty much do anything to us. Don’t feel ashamed that you «let this happen» because you didn’t.

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