Norway to Miss Viva Las Vegas!

This year a Norwegian girl has a shot of making it to the final of Miss Viva Las Vegas!

No, not me unfortunately but the lovely Marion Massacre made it to the voting round. I’m really happy for her and really happy that Norway might be represented on stage in April.

And I want YOUR help to get her there! When you’re one among fifty girls you need votes, so please give yours to Marion!

So here’s how you go about to do it (real simple):

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down and look for Marion Massacre
  3.  Click «vote» and follow instructions

And voilá! You made a pinup girl’s day better!

Check out the Norwegian beauty here:

Marion Massacre on Facebook

Instagram: missmarionmassacre

The voting is open until January 29th, feel free to share this with your friends as you can only vote once for every contestant.

Do not vote with a Hotmail or MSN-address as they block the voting confirmations!

Crossing my fingers for Marion Massacre, you go girl!

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