Women, plastic surgery and body positivism

Almost every woman has some parts of her body that she wish she could change. Some women choose to actually do it while most just dream about it.

What I wish I could change is my lips and my waist. I like the shape of my lips but I wish they were fuller. I also like my body shape but I wish I had a smaller waist. When I think about it, I would also like to have a brow lift because my eyelids start to get heavy. Oh, if it were possible I would get a foot reduction, too. Haha. I want  cute little feet that can squeeze into tiny shoes!

It’s no secret; even many won’t admit it almost every single woman has some things she wishes looked different. Everything from eye color to height. And I think it’s ok. As long as these things are your wishes and not things you feel you have to change in order to be liked. It doesn’t make you a bad person or a fake person to change what you can about yourself. When you think about it, changing hair color is a way of altering your looks, too. We all do what we can to feel better about ourselves.

If you happen to be a celebrity all your little «adjustments» usually is well known for everyone. And I can only dream of all the negativity from people that they have to stand up with. Because people really do love to tell other people how they should love their lives, how their looks make them sick or how disgusting they are because of their money. And again, when it comes to women their looks is always in focus. «Oh, she got jailed for DUI? Yeah, she’s just a blond bimbo, she had it coming. Just look at her face.»

And when women speaks up for women – prepare for people shitting on the fan aimed at you! And when women that had plastic surgery done speaks up for women – oh, IT’S ON!! And who is leading the crusade? Men. Usually men. With comments so nasty you wouldn’t believe it.

It seems like a woman who had things done with her body can’t stand up against body shaming. Or trolling. Or harassment. Why? SHE FIXED HER BOOBS. Who is she to speak of body positivism? She is a FAKE. And a slut. She has no right to tell other women they look good just as they are. Or to be a spokesmodel to end body shaming. She gave up that right when she decided to invest money, time and probably pain to change herself. Maybe she was bullied as a kid because her nose was huge. Maybe she always wanted a B-cup (or a full A). Maybe a rather small operation has given her life quality. It made her feel good and maybe feel a little more complete as a woman. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or a «regular» person, you probably struggle with the exact same issues. So if you as regular Jane can try lip filler for the fun of it (and ending up liking it), the rich and famous probably have the same experience as you.

And men, if you are going to call women whores, sluts, bitches, fakes, skanks or whatever because of their looks then STOP MAKING THESE WOMEN FAMOUS FOR THEIR LOOKS. If you weren’t jerking off at their pictures they would be nothing. Its not ok to get a hard on when she walks by, but as soon as she opens her mouth and reveal that she can think for herself you go all bananas and tell her «shut up because no one gives a shit what a cheap fucking whore has to say. Hope she gets raped in her mouth and ass.» STOP IT.

Any person (man or woman) is entitled to their own body. They can do whatever they want with, present it however they like and treat it however they like.

A woman, even though she looks like Barbie, can perfectly well fight to end body shaming. She can tell other women to love themselves. She can be a support. She is not a fake person just because her boobs are. That is the thing about us women, we do not only have an outside – we also have an inside. Stop judging by the covers, you don’t know why some women has chosen to alter their looks. They are just as beautiful as any other woman and full of love, understanding and advice for other women. They are not sluts, stupid or attention whores.

Sometimes I just wonder «Where is the love?»


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