Behind the scenes

Last week I had a shoot with my friend and photographer Kristian Kittelsaa.

It was a simple shoot with few props and simple styling. Valentine’s Day is coming up so the shoot was perfectly timed 😉

The photographer is a part of the network Retro Pinup Norway and he has an offer to those who are curious about pinup and would like to try it, book a shoot during January or February and get a very fair price! So if you live near or in Trondheim, you really should check it out if you would like to try it yourself. It always makes me happy to see girls and women daring to stand in front of the camera and let their inner pinup shine!

Where to find Kristian Kittelsaa:

Facebook: Fotograf Kristian Kittelsaa


Twitter: @KittelsaaFoto

Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions! He’s a great guy and always does his best to provide great photos, so you are in good hands.

And now; very unedited cell phone pics from behind the scenes! Yay!

One thing I’ve learned from posing is that its harder to pose with little to no clothes on, because sometimes the clothes can help accentuate forms and curves on your body (or hide little flaws). And you can cheat by using shape wear and corsets 😉 Haha.

Looking forward to more shenanigans in his studio in February! 😀

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