Photoshoot weekend

This weekend went by with a blast! Still tired but in a good way.

One of our partners in Retro Pinup Norway had generously offered a discount to those who booked a pinup shoot during January and February and to top it off Betty HellKat visited to join in on the fun. I also sweet talked one of my friends into coming with us, I think its safe to say it was a great success!

We had the studio booked ALL DAY on Saturday, from noon ’til nine! I was exhausted that night, haha. On Sunday we shot from around noon ’til four. Us girls had a lot of fun and we got to sit down in between sets, but our photographer busted his ass off! Lets just hope he also feels he got something out of this, I want to do it again! This could be a fun event to have once in a while, invite girls to join and teach a little about pinup posing and take a few shots with each girl. Just for fun and to show what pinup is, and get the chance to talk about all the good things pinup stands for. Hallelujah!

The studio is great, with several backdrops in cool colors and just the right amount of space for props, too. Nothing to big, of course, but we managed to haul some stuff over..     I am now considering hiring out all my retro stuff for shoots, haha! Easy money 😉

Unedited BTS

My vintage laundry machine, the guys tested it just for fun and its working. Its just been stored since we bought it but its about time I get to use it!

Unedited BTS of the top bitches of Retro Pinup Norway; Serenity Siren and Betty HellKat!

The women in black. Always a hit. Haha.

Unedited BTS, furniture borrowed from my friend.

Luckily the girl I persuaded into coming with us also has a home filled with retro stuff. Well, vintage is more the word – everything is old and not a modern reproduce. But anyway, gold for this kind of shoots!

Unedited BTS

And whats a shoot if the clothes don’t come off?

I can’t wait to see all our finished pictures, we all had some great shots! I also can’t wait until something like this happens again, girls need this in their life! Pinup power to the people.

You can find photographer Kristian Kittelsaa on Facebook, Instagram @kittelsaafoto and his own website

If you live in/near Trondheim or plan to visit, I strongly recommend booking a shoot with Kristian!

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