PinUp! The Movie

As some of you may have seen, I’m asking for votes for my pictures on PinUp! The Movie’s Instagram account.

Photography by Kristian Kittelsaa

I’m also hoping for a like AND a comment as that gives more votes. The point of this is to end up with as many votes as possible to have a chance to win a spot in PinUp! The Movie’s interactive documentary. Every week they present a bunch of girls on their IG account, and the girl with the most votes of the week goes to the monthly final. The winner of that final gets a spot. So it’s a process!

I’m not sure what it means to have a spot in their interactive documentary but I reckon it will be fun and who wouldn’t love to help spread the word about pinup?

It would be awesome to get to represent Norway and our little, but slowly growing pinup community. Maybe I could turn more girls here if I got the exposure;-) There is still many who doesn’t quite know what pinup really is. That its more than just «dressing up» and looking pretty. And that you don’t have to be a model and super beautiful to do this, pinup is for everyone!

If you already voted for me, THANK YOU! ❤ It really means a lot to me!

If not, then I hope you can take the time to look up @pinupthemovie on Instagram, scroll down their feed until my 5 pics show up, give them a like (and a comment, pretty please) and really make my day!

PinUp! The Movie also got a blog, check it out here

PinUp! The Movie on Instagram –> @pinupthemovie


About the voting in this round:
«@pinupthemovie You know we’ll have a #secondchancesunday for our #iwannabeastar contest next Sunday Feb 28th? So if you love these weekly runners-up and would love to see one or more in our February finals, head over to our @instagram – find her photos – and give her some love! The top five will get a second chance to make it to the monthly finals.
A like equals one vote, and a comment equals two more votes!»

Aaaand go!

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