Exciting times!

Well, things certainly picked up since last week!

I FINALLY got my money I’ve been waiting for! 6 months of long, painful waiting and hoping. I lost my job TWICE last year due to companies going chapter 11 so it has been a rough year. This money was from the last job I lost back in June, and without it I wouldn’t have a chance to get to Viva this year! Its only a few weeks away and I had started to give up on the whole thing. I was sad!

But then, one fine day, my bank account said «ka-ching!» and I was rich! Well, a little rich. Enough to get to VEGAS AND VIVA! Yes! I got so many friends there, I can’t live without seeing them this one time of year! I swear I heard angels singing, too.

Not only those great news, I also got voted to the February final in «Pinup! The Movie»s contest! Waaaat.

I just can not believe all the great love and support I have gotten with this. I’m shocked. And happy, really happy. This is exactly why I love pinup – all the love! Its unbelievable!

Now I’m a wreck. The voting ends tomorrow and then a panel of judges will make a decision. This is killing me. I made it further that I ever thought possible only because of my followers and supporters. Its mind blowing. And I feel I have been spamming all over the place just to win the weekly final but people doesn’t seem to mind. Thank God.

This is just so big. This is my big chance to promote Scandinavian pinups and the things I believe in in a bigger way. And I’m sooo close!

I have to stop thinking about it, I’m driving myself crazy, haha. I just have to let this be in the hands of the people that vote and the judges. They have the last word.

I wish all finalists good luck and I wish them all the best! Regardless of who wins a spot in the online documentary I’m sure it will be a very worthy winner.

So here’s to us! Pinups, always backing each other! Always classy, always friendly and always supportive of each other. I love you all!


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