Pinups without a cause

Every once in a while I think about pinup and what it has done for me, and what it means to me.

From taking baby steps into this world to just throw one self into it heart and soul has been a very educating journey. I have grown and learned so much. I have changed as a person.

I used to be one of those who could make fun of others because of their looks. I’m not proud to admit it, but I’m not going to lie either. I’m not perfect.

Although part of me changing might be the fact that I have grown older and matured, a part also is that pinup has really opened my eyes. I’ve always been easy-going, a person that doesn’t make any fuss and drama-free. No drama guaranteed! I have stopped comparing myself to others in any way and I really don’t see the need to compete. Negativity is such a waste of time, especially the «obsess over others» kind. I can not understand why certain people keep wasting their time with stuff like this.

I want to use pinup to do good for others, not to promote myself and make others do good for me.

Pinup is a hobby, a lifestyle, a philosophy. For some its all of it, for others just parts of it. For me its all of it. Hobby, because paying for shoots really doesn’t make me a model, a lifestyle because I love the ’50s and a philosophy because I live by the message it stands for. Be kind, be compassionate, be supportive. Take a stand against bullying, body shaming and discrimination. I really don’t need pinup in order to do this, I would still be me in regular clothes listening to mainstream pop but its become a part of my identity. Its who I am, its not a facade. Under that vintage dress there is a genuine personality doing her best to be a messenger of good.

Thats why I sometimes get concerned when people just use pinup as a way of getting attention.

Don’t get me wrong, its ok to dress up «just» every once in a while in vintage/repro or doing pinup shoots for the fun of it, and so on. That is the good thing about living in 2017 – we can choose the best from two worlds. What bothers me is when someone looks like a pinup and talks like a pinup, but is nowhere near being a pinup. Just imitating it, without the «pay it forward» part. Claiming to be a pinup while excluding, competing, comparing and bullying is just wrong. And very harmful to this big, yet very small, community. Thats the fun part – you can’t act just how you want and think you’ll get away with it because no one knows you in the next city anyway, somehow the word gets out.

Pinup has evolved into an arena where you can be yourself no matter size, skin colour, nationality  – whatever. Be YOU. No hate! So why some people has to infest this community with their poison is beyond my belief. You know, life is much more fun when you have an open, friendly attitude. You make real friends, not the kind who use you as a stepping stone.

To each their own – just don’t think the rest of us doesn’t notice. Of course we do, you’re like a sore thumb!

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