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A little while back I was interviewed about my participation in the Miss Viva Las Vegas pinup contest, and since it is in Norwegian I thought I’d post my own translated version.

On a daily basis Christina Edelsteen (yup, that is my real name) studies preservation of cultural heritage and works at Flügger farve (paint shop), and she is also the motor of the pinup-scene in Trondheim. PHOTO: Liz Huckleby/Pinup by Liz


This is the ultimate challenge

Christina Edelsteen (34), also known as «Serenity Siren», has the opportunity to get a spot in a very sought after contest in Las Vegas.

The contest is called «Miss Viva Las Vegas» and Christina Edelsteen has already moved on from about 150 contestants to about 90.

– 6 is picked directly to the final and then 6 of the last 90 has the possibility to get a spot, she explains to

These images was taken when Christina Edelsteen was in the States. Her friend, Lady V Rockabella from Kristiansund, is also in the contest. PHOTO: Liz Huckleby/Pinup by Liz

Ultimate challenge

The 90 pinups remaining is picked by a jury and the last 6 who gets a spot in the final are the ones who gets the most votes by the people. The contest is a part of «Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender», an arrangement that includes concerts, vendors and shows.

– This is the biggest contest in the pinup-scene, Edelsteen explains. She is mostly known as «Serenity Siren» here.

She has tried entering before without getting this far.

– It is a huge contest and the challenge lies in getting a spot at all.

What happens if you get a spot in the final?

– Well, then I’ll have to enter the stage. Be a part of the show and answer questions.

So it kinda is like a beauty pageant?

– Yes, a bit. Only in pinup contests you are judged by personality and what kind of message you have.

The final and Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is arranged April 21.-22 (yes, I know..!) and the voting ends January 31.

Christina «Serenity Siren» Edelsteen founded Pinup Norway. PHOTO: Kristian Kittelsaa

Devoted pinup did an interview earlier with the devoted pinup. She is fighting for body positivity and has founded the Norwegian organisation for pinups, «Pinup Norway». She started doing pinup 4 years ago.

– The scene internationally was huge but I didn’t know anyone in Trondheim who was doing pinup.

Edelsteen says she felt alone at first and didn’t have anyone to ask for advice and help.

– When you first get into it its like you’re saved, and it has now become a very positive part of my life.

What it is about pinup that speaks to you?

– It is that you get to be you. The scene has a lot of diversity and we support each other, and have a positive attitude.


I didn’t make it to the final but I’m still going to Viva! Nothing can keep me away! Two little months left…! I CAN’T WAIT!!



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