World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. And yes, I know that day has passed.

All over the world people lit a candle for those lost to suicide, those who consider committing suicide or just to show that you yourself struggle or has struggled with thoughts of suicide. Its a quite powerful message; «I have thought of ending my life».

When I was young I really had no understanding of mental illness and suicide at all. I thought depression was just having a bad day, and that people needed to just snap out of it. And that taking your own life was the most selfish act ever. And I am shocked how many still think as I used to do at a grown age. Shocked, and I kind of envy them. Because thinking like that means you NEVER EVER struggled with your mental health and that you have NO IDEA of how it is. Just because you haven’t experienced it yourself it doesn’t mean its not a real thing. And it is possible to educate yourself to understand how it is being on the other side.

Even though it is more talked about now than it used to be, there are so many people not getting it at all. People that go «Oh, when I’m feeling down I just go for a walk. That helps.» Yes, if you’re having a bad day it helps. Imagine that one bad day being your every day. That there was no end to the negative feelings, you’re just in a fog. Saying that a walk, or putting on a happy song or petting a dog is all it takes – then I wonder why so many ends up taking their lives. If the solution is THAT EASY. I would never be on sick leave for a total amount of two years of my life if all I had to do was «think positive». I would never have periods where I feel totally worthless, or just cry about everything. People who think like that really have no clue what they are talking about. In a way that must be so nice, but when you make yourself look totally ignorant its kinda hurtful. You’re saying that its all my fault for feeling like this when I can’t help it. NO ONE chooses to live with depression. And depression is caused by so many reasons. No one has depression just because they are depressed, there is a web of underlying causes.

Also, people don’t choose suicide. This is people suffering from an illness, they think that this is the only solution.

They have a demon inside telling them that they are a burden for everyone around them, and the only way to get out is to die. That way you don’t have to think or feel, or exist without living anymore. That when you die, you get to rest. A rest you haven’t had in weeks, months, years. And everyone around will just sigh in relief and say «Finally, we’ve had it with this person.» How can you call feeling like that selfish? How can you call a person who feels unloved, even by close family, who feel they are just in the way, selfish? Is it selfish? I think you’re being selfish by stating such a thing. By giving another stone to the burden of those living with thoughts of suicide. Just think about it, no one WANTS to die. We all want to live. And then think about how much it would take to make you think for yourself that you want to die. Like, REALLY want to die. Hard to imagine, right? Then maybe try to understand that suicide isn’t something that is chosen lightly. A person committing suicide has thought about it for a LONG time. Back and forth, how to to it, when to do it or even should I do it.

Image stolen from Suicide Awareness/Prevention Facebook page.


Another thing to consider is what this meme says. Its no use if you keep posting numbers to call or pages to reach out to in «support» if you are bullying online or in real life. Just read any commentary field online and see all the hate, and even though the target of this hate can handle it other people might not. Calling someone fat will make someone fat hate themselves even more. Laughing at images of people that are «ugly» will make those who feel ugly hate themselves even more. Its quite simple. Stop all the hating, and please stop telling your opinion about EVERYTHING just because you can. Sometimes you can actually shut up and life will go on. Hiding behind «I’m entitled to my opinion» just makes you an asshole. Just please think it through before you post. Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true?

To all who struggle with mental illness and thoughts of suicide; know that you are NOT ALONE. PLEASE reach out to someone! I’m with you even if I never met you. I know how you feel. Believe me when I say that this will get better. Please hang in there.


For more information about World Suicide Prevention Day, please visit

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