About me

Photography by Pinup by Liz / MUAH Cherry Dollface


I am a retro gal from Norway.  For a living I work as a shop assistant at a paint shop, and I’m a painter (although «retired»). I work part-time as I am currently studying Preservation of Cultural Heritage at NTNU. I live with my husband in a house filled with ’50s treasures and our adopted senior cat.

I’m all about enjoying the good things in life and not waste any time worrying what others might think of me. You only live once – make the best of it! This I have to come to after struggling a lot with mental illness. I’ve been so far down I never thought I’d get up, and being through that has really opened my eyes about what really matters in life. Even though I appreciate it, likes and followers is not what I aim for. Its love, compassion and support of all the shapes and forms us humans come in. Not only physical, but also mentally. I stand for no bullying, body positivism and respect and acceptance for diversity of all kinds.

Lots of love,


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