Here I go again

Another rant. Caused by over-sensitive people who can’t handle bare skin. Yesterday I logged on to Facebook, only to find 6 (!!) pictures reported. At first I thought it was my pictures, which would have been mind blowing, but it turned out to be 6 pictures from my album with Bettie Page. I love Bettie … Mer Here I go again

I’m sorry, but

PINUP IS NOT PORN! I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, but if you claim pinup is porn then you should think it over. A woman who chooses to take pictures in retro lingerie and maybe show a little ass is not porn. Cleavage is not porn. Nudity is not porn. If … Mer I’m sorry, but

To be published

Every pinup dream to be published in a magazine or even better; being a covergirl. I really don’t have a magical recipe on «How to be published», but I have a tip or two for those of you who want to be featured in magazines. First of all; don’t stress it. Don’t make it the … Mer To be published

Pinup and charity

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, what I love about pinup is the effort we take to give back to the community. In this post I’m presenting the biggest organization I am involved with; Heels For Combat Boots! Heels For Combat Boots (or HCFB) was founded in February 2014 by Kati Sorensen, aka Riskay … Mer Pinup and charity