Christmas spirit

… I has it!😂

I started getting into the Christmas spirit early in December but preparations for my exams quickly killed it.

Been stressed out of my mind over the exams and then we went to Kraków for a few days (I LOVE that city! Pictures will be posted), and then I had to get the presents done.. I don’t know, when I get stressed I have a very hard time getting relaxed again. It takes days. If I also have to go to work the stress doesn’t let go ever, it seems.

I had to do the inevitable – GO TO A MALL. Oh my God. Hell on Earth. It didn’t relieve my stress😂😂 I didn’t drive but the parking made my head boil. People are headless chickens this time a year! I was sure we would crash in the parking lot😂

And then you go inside the mall. ALL THE PEOPLE. Gaah! It’s just freaking me out. To much people in one place. I feel trapped. And I get warm and uncomfortable and I just want to get out of there as quickly as possible. With the result that I forget half of the stuff I came for. Next year I’m buying presents in November! Already got more than enough wrapping paper at the house now, haha. I can’t do this again.

I have to go out one last time today to get groceries. I hope that will be a little less stressfull. Making a list (and checking it twice) before I leave the house. And I will try to be more mentally prepared this time. It has been years since I last went gift shopping at malls for Christmas, I forgot how bad it actually is! I guess there is a reason I haven’t done this is quite a while…

Looking forward to getting it all done and really relax at home! It will be great once it’s all done and I don’t have to think of anything but food and snacks😋

I hope you all get to have a merry Christmas. This time of year can be hard in so many ways. Please take care of yourself!

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